Business After Hours

Anguilla Chamber of Commerce Business After Hours Guide

What Is Business After Hours?

The BUSINESS AFTER HOURS program at the Anguilla Chamber of Commerce and Industry Ltd has become not only one of the most successful ideas in ACOCI’s history, but something of a business phenomenon as well since its introduction in 2007.

BUSINESS AFTER HOURS (BAH) is a monthly event designed to provide a relaxed, informal get-together of Chamber business members after regular business hours. Over the past years, the BAH sessions have been held at various locations in cooperation with Chamber members. In addition to meeting and sharing Ideas with prospective clients, members, and customers, this event offers a great opportunity for making new contacts and showcasing your products and services. At previous meetings, attendees have enjoyed telecommunication demonstrations, musical entertainment, office equipment shows, real estate and small business showcases, and have won a number of great door prizes.

How Do You Become A (Host) Sponsor?

You can become a host/sponsor by signing up as a Chamber member or sponsoring a Business after Hour event for a Chamber member. As a member of the Chamber you are eligible to Host or sponsor BAH events that will give your business high visibility within the ACOCI business community network.

The Host/Business sponsor decides the date, the contents and location of the event. The hours should immediately follow business hours - (typically 5:00- 7:00 p.m.) and do not exceed two hours in length.

The Host/Business sponsor is responsible for all related, program, food, refreshment and entertainment costs, door prizes and a registration table. As a sponsor, you are entitled to showcase any promotional materials or displays regarding your business to highlight a new product or focus on your area of service or expertise. It is suggested that the sponsor send special invitations to potential and valued customers.

Advantages as a Business After Hours Host/Sponsor

  • You automatically target promotional efforts to the business network’s most successful, conscientious and dynamic business leaders - the members of one of the strongest chambers of commerce.
  • Chamber staff will help you to plan and administer your Business After Hours event.
  • Your firm has exclusive rights to distribute promotional material, offer door prizes, set up static displays.
  • You secure the registration list of everyone who attends. Any number of your employees can be on hand to insure that we get the message you want us to get out.
  • Speak to a captive audience.
  • Promotion activities through local media coverage.  Publication in the Chamber’s newsletters that are emailed to all Chamber members. Bulletin Board announcements and promo segments on the weekly Chamber Radio Program “What’s on today”.

What Is Showcasing?

Small businesses are invited to display their products and services at the BAH. This opportunity offers exposure to the smaller companies that generally do not have large advertising budgets.

Take advantage of our membership gatherings to promote your goods and services to other Chamber members. Remember, your Chamber membership will be more valuable if you do business with fellow members.

The Bottom Line

Take advantage of our membership gatherings to promote your products and services to other Chamber members. Remember, your Chamber membership will be more valuable if you increase the level of business opportunities with fellow members.

Personal Tips to Prepare For A Networking Event

  • Set a goal for the number of new business contacts you want to make at the mixer. Greet your friends, then work hard to meet those Chamber members you do not know.
  • Write a short introduction for publication in the ACOCI Newsletter or self publication in local newspapers
  • Rehearse a description of your business that will clearly explain what you do. Keep your business cards handy.
  • Mixers are a time for brief chats, not an hour-long sales call. If someone is interested, take his or her card and promise to call the next day.
  • Get others in your company to attend so you can achieve maximum coverage of the room.
  • Use time in food and beverage lines to talk to people. Do not count on getting a chance to sit in a quiet corner with your new acquaintances.
  • Attitude is everything. You must be friendly and outgoing to enjoy and benefit from mixers.
  • Wear a nametag with your first and last name - and the company name. That can be a conversation starter!
  • If there is a door prize drawing, enter it. You may win an instant fame and an opening for people to approach you. Next time, sponsor a door prize - this is additional promotion for your company.