ARMED ROBBERY AWARENESS PRESENTED BY THE ANGUILLA CHAMBER OF COMMERCE IN COLLABORATION WITH CHARISMA TRAINING & DEVELOPMENT  REGISTER HERE Armed Robbery Awareness In today's society armed robbery is a fact of life and can happen to any … [Read more...]

ACOCI’s 7th Annual General Meeting

At ACOCI Annual General Meeting: “Certificate of Intellectual Property Residence” Announced   20 April 2011 (The Valley, Anguilla) – An unexpected announcement was made at the Anguilla Chamber of Commerce and Industry Annual General … [Read more...]

Diagnostic Review & Analysis of OECS EDU Clients in the Arts & Crafts Sector in all nine member Terr

The OECS Export Development Unit is undertaking a diagnostic review and analysis of its clients in the Arts & Craft Sector in all nine of its member territories. This will be carried out through a consultancy awarded to Manzanure Design Solutions … [Read more...]


The Anguilla Chamber of Commerce & Industry is strengthening its ties with the Anguilla Business Sector by conducting a five day workshop on “Entrepreneurship” Small Business Development Skills.  The workshop will be held at the Chamber of … [Read more...]