Diagnostic Review & Analysis of OECS EDU Clients in the Arts & Crafts Sector in all nine member Terr

The OECS Export Development Unit is undertaking a diagnostic review and analysis of its clients in the Arts & Craft Sector in all nine of its member territories. This will be carried out through a consultancy awarded to Manzanure Design Solutions Ltd of Trinidad.

The project objective is to establish the current status of the sector and its contribution to the economies of the OECS, developing a technical assistance plan and strategy for the increase competitiveness of the products and identification of potential markets.

Among the activities to be undertaken by the consultants are:

  • · Conduct of: Financial Assessment; Sales & Marketing Assessment; Production & Operational Assessment; Management & Leadership Assessment; and strategic planning Assessment.
  • · Conduct of: visits & interviews with OECS EDU clients in Arts & Crafts Sector and with key Stakeholders.
  • · Research of: the trade industry and constraints facing the sector
  • · Identification of potential markets for the OECS Arts & Crafts sector

The project will include a two-hour consultation of key stakeholders and clients, and will conclude with the preparation of country reports with action plans for each of the nine OECS territories; a technical assistance plan to provide support to the firms; and a five year strategic plan for the sector.

The consultancy is expected to begin on Monday August 9, 2010 and to end on November 4, 2010.

Clients of the OECS EDU in the Arts & Crafts Sector are thereby ask to note that they will be invited to participate in this consultancy and that the Unit looks forward to their fill participation. Notification of the date for your respective island will be provided prior to the visit.

Dominica’s visit is the first and will run from Monday August 9, 2010 to Wednesday August 11, 2010.

Further information can be sought from Mrs. Jennifer Julien-Laudat, Business Development Officer, at the office of the OECS Export Development Unit at 1 (767) 448-2240 and at jlaudat@oecs.org.

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