About Us


The Anguilla Chamber

Members of the Anguilla Chamber of Commerce and Industry can rely on the organization to provide:

  • Educational, business related workshops and seminars
  • Guidance to the prospective entrepreneurs on the establishment of a business
  • Marketing information for local and foreign investors
  • Information on matters that concern the business community
  • Referrals and business contacts for products and/or services from our members listed members
  • Skills development programs to enhance Anguillian business operations
  • Up-to-date information on local economic affairs

In the interest of the local business community, ACOCI is:

  • Committed to provide the best possible service to the Anguillian business community
  • Constantly on the road to examine the needs of our businesses
  • Focused on the business opportunities and resources of Anguilla and throughout Caribbean region
  • In close contact with the Government regarding economic affairs
  • In direct contact with Chambers worldwide through our web site
  • The link to professional advisers that will support the interest of Anguillian businesses



For 2012, the following persons represent the leadership and direction for the Anguilla Chamber of Commerce & Industry:

Board of Directors:


Vice President:



Supporting Director:

Supporting Director:

Supporting Director:

Mr. Keithley F. T. Lake

Mr.  Carlton Pickering

Ms. Sherma Blaize

Mrs. Felicia Hill

Mrs. Vida Lloyd-Richardson

Dr. Louis Barfield

Mr. Mark Romney


Executive Director (ag): Mr. Carlton Pickering

Administrative Assistant: Mrs. Lily Warning-Moses