Important Contacts and Resources

The following contacts and web links can help provide the necessary assistance and information for the new entrepreneur or independent professional:

  • Finance Department:  Telephone: 1.264.497.2547
  • Immigration Department: Telephone: 1.264.497.3994
  • Labour Department: Telephone: 1.264.497.3511
  • Social Security Board: Telephone: 1.264.497.2201
  • Anguilla Financial Services Association:
    :Provides corporate registration, banking and other offshore financial, legislative, and regulatory services information
  • Anguilla Progessive Association of New York:
    : Provide assistance for the educational, social, economic and cultural needs of Anguillians at home and abroad.
  • Anguilla Tourist Board:
    Provides vacation, destination, and tourism investment information)
  • Anguilla-Anguilla: - Provides information on Anguilla
  • Anguilla Access: - Provides Tours in and around Angulla
    : Provides background on regional trade, development, and social trends and agreements; Anguilla is an associate member of CARICOM)
  • Government of Anguilla:
    : The main web site for the Government of Anguilla)
  • St. Maarten Chamber of Commerce:
    Provides additional information about Anguilla’s primary “trading partner” – Dutch Sint Maarten)
  •  Additional References:
    Immigration and Passport Act I5
    Social Security Act S45
    The Control of Employment Act C105
    Trade Business Occupations and Professions Licensing Act T40